The white wall my canvas.
The gun my paint brush.
Brain matter my ink.

It’s raining again today. Traffic sucked. And someone told me to tuck my shirt in.

It’s raining today.
At least it’s not real cat and dogs.
Or men.

Watching the x-files on Netflix. I forgot how much I loved this show. Had such a big obsession with it when I was little.



Oscar y Astiz

There’s something really brilliant about this. Reminds me of the darkness surrounding me.

Sometimes i get nervous breakdowns. but this morning was the worst. 

i dunno how to do anything right. i just want to die. i want someone to shoot me in the face and kill me. i have no purpose, I’m a walking human virus that ruins peoples lives. 

I’m no good and i just wanna not exist any more. i dunno why people love me. I’m not a good person to love.

So so obnoxious white guy hipster walked into the Starbucks and asked the barista to make a half white tea. With a splash of cold water. With a dabble of hot coffee then put some ice in there. And a shot of warm milk. Dude order a coffee like a fucking man!

oh its official phantasm 5 is on its way, i have been waiting years for this the tall man and the ice cream man are coming, trailer is out, can’t wait.
i watched the hills have eyes today an its a lot better than i remmember . there are some terrifying scenes and ted levene is fantastic, great movie for the whole uh…. family

Its been a while since I’ve posted anything on here, life gets in the way and you never know how to manuver out of its way.

Opaque  by  andbamnan