Sometimes i get nervous breakdowns. but this morning was the worst. 

i dunno how to do anything right. i just want to die. i want someone to shoot me in the face and kill me. i have no purpose, I’m a walking human virus that ruins peoples lives. 

I’m no good and i just wanna not exist any more. i dunno why people love me. I’m not a good person to love.

So so obnoxious white guy hipster walked into the Starbucks and asked the barista to make a half white tea. With a splash of cold water. With a dabble of hot coffee then put some ice in there. And a shot of warm milk. Dude order a coffee like a fucking man!

oh its official phantasm 5 is on its way, i have been waiting years for this the tall man and the ice cream man are coming, trailer is out, can’t wait.
i watched the hills have eyes today an its a lot better than i remmember . there are some terrifying scenes and ted levene is fantastic, great movie for the whole uh…. family

Its been a while since I’ve posted anything on here, life gets in the way and you never know how to manuver out of its way.

Im a terrible person, i hide secrets and I’m not a good person. sometimes i feel like the universe made a mistake with me. i feel out of place and an anomaly in the fabric of space and time. I’m here but I’m not supposed to be here. i hurt the people around me and i have no purpose i exist there for iam. 

Scarlet sat on a bench on a sunny day. She waited and waited till the seasons changed summer winter fall she wanted to see them all. Then one day came a man husky and bearded with a basket in hand. He said “hello little miss may I sit on this bench”? She looked up smiled and nodded and said “of course you can” so they both sat and waited till the seasons changed summer winter and fall they saw it all. They sat on the bench for what seemed a life time seasons changed on and on they grew old wrinkles and grey hair. Years had passed as they sat on the bench not a word was said. Not even thru all the seasons. Summer winter and fall they had seen it all. The husky bearded man had withered away a dusty memory the wind blew his ashes into the distance. Leaving a basket that had decay. Scarlet leaned over and had herself a peek it was a box full of memory’s of her and the man. Love letters and post cards pictures as well. They were young and in love they had so much to say. But time had moved on he had withered away. There life was perfect until that faithful day. When he tragically left her on a warm summer day. She sat on there favorite bench where they had met on a winter day. They fell in love in fall and he asked her to marry on the bench. they had met on that winter day he had a basket in hand with a ring a love letters to show her he cared from the memories they had gathered. He died in the summer he had withered away so she waited and waited on the bench on winter day she waited and waited for his loving spirit to come by she had grown an old woman withered and grey. Her mind hardly worked no recollection at all. Until she saw him husky and bearded carrying a basket full of loving secrets. But years had passed summer winter and fall she had seen it all until that one summer day where she withered away the wind blew her ashes into the distance but her spirit sat on a bench with the love of her life there spirits sat thru all the seasons. Summer winter and fall now they had a chance to see them all.

i was playing around amazon the other day, when i came across this awesome release of day of the dead. i mean look at this amazing cover art. george a romero’s dawn of the dead gets a brilliant release, i did add it onto my amazon wish list for a future purchase i can’t wait for. i mean seriously look at  that cover art. 
yesterday while the world worked. i stayed at home free basing netflix. i came across a movie called “All the Boys Love Mandy Lane”  basically i liked it. thought it was a lot better than i imagined it to be. so theres that. 

Tommorow The Shallow, Today The Weak, Oh and your kisses are death to me. 

Opaque  by  andbamnan