Gta V: new update 1.17 last team standing came out days ago. its a blah update, but i do like the new bike. everyones still waiting for heists which seems like it will never come.  i would like to see some new maps and better creator options. zombies would be a nice add-on. 

Dusk Till Dawn the series is out with its first season on netflix right now, it sort of follows the movie, but not as good as the movie, oh and sex machines in it. its played by jake busy bad choice there.

Evidence starts  out slow, but picks up twords the end with a pretty good twist , but its found footage its good but not great. its on netflix right now
i love this where can i find  Shirt

i haven’t seen the original, called “who can kill a child”. but this remake is pretty creepy with an even creepier soundtrack. 

theres an awesome looking movie thats out, looks like vintage horror. link to trailer is below.
i love halloween, I’m gonna post some of my favorite horror movies, and clips, so you can find something radical to watch all this month.
Krystal Boyd = SEX!

Ok so i finished season 1 and 2 of american horror story now I’m on season 3 episode 3. so far i loved season 2 it was fantastic, well written and insane. 

season 1 was pretty good but season 2 yes. season 3 so far is turning out pretty well. can’t wait to see what happens next. i wanna finish the 3rd season so i can get ready for season 4. 

saw xmen days of future past the other day. its very cool and prob my like i dunno 3rd fav super hero ever made. 
Opaque  by  andbamnan