some people don’t understand the purpose of the campaign. The ice water bath is supposed to be a punishment for not donating, not a requirement. But some of the time people are just doing the ice bucket and not donating, and then challenging other people. Which is fine, sure, because at least it’s raising awareness for ALS research. But the point of this whole thing is to make people donate money

I cannot wait till this movie comes out. saw it on kickstarter.

they said they made all the money and have a release date set up as well. so looking forward to this. 

awesome movie about the Dyatlov pass incident. its on netflix right now and its very good.  read more about it below.
Interesting movie about philosophy and all that jazz. 
its on netflix right now. 

I Wanna Watch Something On NetFlix. But Im So InDecisive, I Cant Choose……

The Hot Girls I need In My Life Right Now.

1. Danielle Haris

2. Jena Malone

3. Kimbra

4. Cora Banks

5. Caity Lotz 

6. Juno Temple

7. Lauren Cohan

8. Aubrey Plaza

9. Teresa Palmer


No One Ever Talks about the movie Street Trash. its vibrant, colorful and plain gross. and i think its got the coolest special effects ever. if you happen to find this movie, you should watch it. 

Im Over Lana Del Ray.

Lost by Andrew Thompson

love me some art
Excited about the fact that dead snow 2 is out. sort of cause i can’t find it anywhere. especially a good copy of it. can’t wait to get a dvd copy and watch the mayhem
Opaque  by  andbamnan